Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Winner!

Sorry, sorry, it's been over a week, which is too long, but the first models are nearly ready to go (making decent moulds is hard), which means that the prize that was offered to whoever wins the naming competition will be with them pretty damn soon.

On that note, the real news is that the winner is (drumroll)

Jack_O_Diamonds from Rawsoc (Lianne I think?)

So the name, from henceforth will be Sellsword Studios. (Or Sellsword Miniatures, I'm not sure exactly yet.)

So thanks to everyone who entered, All I need now are posting details and a little patience.


Monday, 31 May 2010


Another update. And a boring one. Well, boring-ish, no pictures this time round, as anything interesting to photograph is encased in unset silicone. Well, there are some things, but fuck it, alright? I'm not getting into it. I have a vague feeling I may have screwed up the last pour I made, but some time [tomorrow hopefully, maybe longer] you may be seeing the first model produced by what might end up being called Sellsword Studios [see, people from Cardiff Rawsoc have been coming up with good ideas].

Things are progressing on other models too, the Treeman is taking shape slowly, and I'm seriously considering what my first side project will be. The choices are as follows:
-Diesel//Steampunk motorbike [no rider]. [wonderful company, go buy their toys] have just produced a really nice one, and I'm thinking I might have to follow suit. something fairly flash, and probably scaled to fit nicely with some of the stuff produced anima or soda pop.
-Something that flies. Yeah, that vague. Likely a hoverbike or tiny airship. Maybe a dragonfly of a size large enough to be ridden by 28mm cavalry.
-Some kind of Red Riding Hood based thing, probably creepy.

Opinions? Feel free to post them below, also the competition to name the companyling ends on the twelfth [is that spelled correctly?]. Sellsword Studios is the current leader, but 13 Standards is a close second, so if you're entering, you better being your A-name [see what I did there, like A game, but with name, 'cause it's a naming competition, get it?] [I'm actually rather ashamed of that]. Uhh, run out of things to say I think.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Armatures and Embryos

This whole 'having a day job' thing really gets in the way sometimes, but in amongst being busy for the first time in years, I have managed to find some time for some modelling.

A little news first; I've been wasting money that I'm calling 'capital' to stop myself feeling bad about blowing money on toys. Thus I'm know the owner of a shiny new razor saw, so I can actually cast multipart models, as well as my first batch of silicone and resin, and some accoutrements for using these things. I just need an [expletive] day off to actually have a go with them. Hopefully I'll be able to put something about that up friday.

More importantly, as I mentioned last time, work has started on some more tree-things, and there's planning and sketching for more variety of things too [I'm itching to have a crack at some from of monster, or some sci fi stuff]

So these are some photos of early work on the treeman, however, at this stage, I decided I hated it [the legs anyway]. No great loss, and I'd rather rework something than produce crappy models.

Below are some pics of the updated version, from the wire armature, to basic shape and a test on the bark for this model.

Also some work on the lesser treemen, they photos are ropey, but it's just basic shapes awaiting detail.

So that's it. This sentence should come below that last pic, but I can not get my head round the layout shizzle right now.


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Still Alive

Some news, on a variety of topics. First, sorry for the lapse in posting, it's been a hectic effing week, but normal service will return soon, hopefully tomorrow. Ok, so the competition, I've had some suggestions, but it's anything but over yet, so keep at it.

More interesting news; as you've noticed, the first model was completed a little while ago, since then I've been working on some bases to experiment with casting, as well as reading guides, and I've finally bit the bullet and bought some silicone and resin to attempt making the first models. The stuff's in the post office at the moment, but come monday, I will hopefully have something cast to show all of you [all is still optimistic I feel]. The something might well be a base, as I've not sprung for a razor saw yet. [I sense a trip to Wickes in my future]. I can't help but wonder if other people who've attempted this kind of thing went into it with a better idea of what they were doing, and an appropriate selection of tools. So yeah, tired now, maybe rambling.

Also, work on the next models is underway, I'm wondering what I can call stuff that wonlt get me lawyered at some point down the line, but for now, eff it. I started sculpting the upper layers on the treeman, but I hated it, so that's getting reworked significantly, there'll be photos as soon as I make a bit of progress on version two. The second treekin-like model is under way too, this one'll be a bit spindlier, and probably more warped. In general, watch this space, photos of the limited progress should be up tomorrow.


Monday, 17 May 2010

The Competition.

I guess I'd better actually lay down some proper rules for this I suppose, I've been banging on about it in every post, but never really given deadlines or submission guidelines, so here goeth.

1) The name's got to be generic enough, so it makes sense when I start producing non ent-ey stuff, so try to keep away from anything too close to that topic. If you've got a really good one that is based around that, tell me anyway, I'm not going to be too rigid on this.

2) This isn't going to be based on any kind of impartial draw system, I've got to live with whatever the company ends up being called, so my favourite name will win, if you think your entry was better than the one I chose, sorry, it's my call, there's no voting, no recounts, this isn't a democracy.

3) The big one; I have to like the name better than '6ix Miniatures', not too hard, but it's the best idea I've had so far, so you have to top it.

4) Even if I don't get an entry I prefer to my own idea, I'll still give the prize to the best idea submitted, so you still get a free model [It's pretty big too, I should put up a scale shot soon, but it looks suitably at home on a 40mm square base.] and a copy of the concept art.

5) These aren't in any real order, so this one should have probably gone higher up, but entries should be posted in a comment on any post in the blog, or sent in an email to me at [I'll get an official address once I get a name] with something relevant in the subject line, so I don't think it's spam, try '6ix Miniatures' if you can't think of something.

6) There isn't a deadline yet, I'm kind of playing it by ear, but probably around a month from today.

7) Oh, try to keep it clean, my other option is 'Fuck the Unicorn Miniatures', which is being rejected because I don't want trouble trying to sell on ebay, advertise on forums, tell my elderly relatives, etc.

I think that's it, maybe I'll add more in as the become relevant.


Saturday, 15 May 2010


Ok so big news. The first model's finished, as soon as I can get a bit more of a handle on what I need, It'll be cast ready for sale, and for the winner of the nameing competition. Assuming anyone enters and I don't just end up sticking with my idead of 'Fuck the Unicorn Miniatures' or plain old '6ix Miniatures'

Work in Progress Green

This photo is actually week or so old, but I've not got round to taking a more recent pic. This is actualy nearly finished now, and a casting of this will be the prize in the competition to name the company.

Regarding the competition, I'll also throw in a signed copy of the concept sketch for this model.